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A Christian Cosmos?

 It's sad to admit, but when children and teenagers see amazing visuals and hear an authoritative figure teaching, they often believe what they're experiencing. Such is the case with Cosmos, starring Neil deGrasse Tyson. In season one of the series, Tyson not only attempts to show evolution as scientific fact, but he also takes several shots at the Bible, in an attempt to disprove it. So what do Christians have to combat this amazing visual propaganda? Well for starters, Genesis: Paradise Lost, the film we spent 7 years making! But is that enough? With QUANTUM we're only getting started! 

Inter-Dimensional Travel

Join Dr. Charles Jackson, your host, as he journeys through space-time and into other dimensions, to prove that not only is there an intelligence behind the universe, but that "intelligence" is a massive understatement. Quantum not only proves there's a God, but it reveals that He is good, holy, and worthy of your worship.

True Origins

To understand how we got where we are today, we must first understand where we can from and why that's important. Quantum tackles our origin story, and reveals the dangers of forgetting our history in lieu of pseudo-science. Prepare to embark on an epic journey through time, and experience history like never before!

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Shot in UHD (Ultra-High Definition)

QUANTUM will be produced in 4K UHD, the same resolution as most IMAX theaters in America! It will also feature some incredible visual effects, courtesy of everything we learned over the years while making Genesis: Paradise Lost!    


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